Immigration, Militarization, Environment, & Gender Task Force


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The Immigration, Militarization, Environment, & Gender Task Force (IMEGE) promotes an integrated analysis of the intersections of issues of gender and immigration in the context of heightened U.S. national security and militarism.

IMEGE seeks to develop and produce educational tools that heighten awareness of the impact on women worldwide in the upsurge of militarization, including how women are affected by national security measures and the role of women's movements and youth liberation movements around the world in resisting militarism. IMEGE is connecting with existing women's anti-militarist movements and liberation networks, especially in the Middle East and the developing world, in order to bring their perspectives, initiatives, and organizing strategies to a broader audience and ensure that they are understood as a fundamental part of the revitalization of U.S.-based peace and anti-intervention movements. Our particular attention is devoted to emphasizing the perspectives of women of color and to linking the experience of "domestic militarization" through border and immigration control and the expansion of the prison system to the more aggressive military posture of the United States and its impact both domestically and internationally.

Resources & Actions:
Order or download copies of CWPE Publication, Militarized Zones. Militarized Zones contributes to feminist analysis and activism at the intersections of militarism, attacks on immigrants’ rights, queer communities, reproductive rights, and the environment. Through this publication, we seek to expose the workings of large structures of oppression that might otherwise remain cloaked.

Download and distribute the following fact sheets on militarism:
Ten Reasons Why Militarism Is Bad for Reproductive Freedom
Ten Reasons Why Militarism is Bad for the Environment
Ten Reasons Why Militarism is Bad for Queer People

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