Dangerous Contraceptives Task Force


broadening reproductive choice and justice

The Dangerous Contraceptives Task Force (DCTF) redefines the meaning of reproductive “choice” and justice to encompass the many issues that effect women’s health: race, poverty, access to health care, incarceration, immigration status, environmental degradation, physical and mental ability, addiction, and domestic and law enforcement violence—broadening the issue of ‘choice’ as not just access to abortion.

What We Do:
DCTF takes action on critical reproductive justice issues that many U.S. reproductive health organizations do not address; forges important links with other movements; and provides activists and communities with the research, advocacy and educational tools they need to assist highlighting the intersections of many issues that impact the health of women and to support taking action for their reproductive freedom.

Resources & Actions:
Sex, Lies, Contraceptive Packet: This packet of information and organizing tools for activists addresses how women's rights to safe and voluntary sex, birth control and motherhood are increasingly restricted, controlled, and criminalized.

Depo Diaries: Many women have experienced damaging consequences to their health as a result of taking Depo Provera, including osteoporosis, depression, and excessive bleeding. These side effects have often been dismissed by their doctors and healthcare providers as minor or inconsequential. CWPE is currently collecting stories from women with experience using Depo Provera.

Stop C.R.A.C.K.: C.R.A.C.K. is a national organization that targets poor women, incarcerated women, and women of color for sterilization abuse tactics. CWPE is working with communities and organizations to stop C.R.A.C.K.’s reproductive violence.

What You Need To Know About Your Birth Control is a new brochure and workshop available to help women make informed decisions about their own reproductive health and justice.

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Critical Information About Dangerous Contraceptives:

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