Task Forces


Operating as the backbone of CWPE at Adelphi University are the three national Task Forces that create platforms and campaigns based on the critical need to oppose population based methodologies and myths and to promote human rights within a national and international feminist framework. The Task Forces are comprised of CWPE members and key allies who collaborate on developing the social change agenda and work plan for each task force.

The Task Forces also serves as an incubator for generating a cross-section of ideas and analyses within a feminist paradigm. Each Task Force has representatives from different backgrounds of activists, scholars and health practitioners seeking to make intersections between their varying social justice movements (including human rights, women health, gender and sexual right, immigrant rights, environmental justice, and public health advocacy) through a lens of feminist critique.

CWPE coordinates the following three task forces:

  • Dangerous Contraceptive Task Force (DCTF) acts on issues that redefine the meaning of reproductive “choice” and justice to encompass the many issues that effect women’s health: race, poverty, access to health care, incarceration, immigration status, environmental degradation, physical and mental ability, addiction, and domestic and law enforcement violence—broadening the issue of ‘choice’ as not just access to abortion.
  • Gender, Eugenics, & Biotechnology Task Force (GEB TF) aims to incite feminist, women’s health, reproductive rights and women of color organizations; their funding organizations; and women’s studies academic programs to take a stand on new human genetic and reproductive technologies.
  • Immigration, Environment, and Gender Task Force (IMEGE TF) promotes an integrated analysis of the intersections of issues of gender and immigration in the context of heightened U.S. national security and militarism.

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