More Resources on C.R.A.C.K.

Date Published: July 13, 2006

1. "Reproductive Rights, Human Rights, and the Ethical Implications of CRACK," a panel discussion at the Boston University School of Public Health on March 22, 2000, featured well-known, health law professor George Annas from BUSPH; CRACK’s advisor on legal questions, Robert Pugsley; and Judith Scully, professor at the University of West Virginia School of Law. Videotapes of the BUSPH Panel Discussion on CRACK are available for a suggested donation of $10.00 from CWPE. Please request a copy by contacting

2. "Cocaine and Pregnancy," (a brochure published by the Lindesmith Center, January 1999). Available from

3. "Comments on CRACK: Discrimination in Disguise," by Shelia Clark from the National Black Women's Health Project. Available from

4. Op Ed Opportunity (for legislators). "Pregnant Women and Addiction: Open the Doors to Treatment Not Punishment," by Kathleen Stoll from the Center for Women Policy Studies. Available from

5. "What Money Cannot Buy: A Legislative Response to CRACK," by Adam B. Wolf, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, Vol. 33, Issues 1 & 2, Fall 1999 and Winter 2000.