CWPE Statement on 9/11

Date Published: July 21, 2006
The Committee on Women, Population and the Environment (CWPE) would like to add our voices to the many around the world calling for a non-violent response to the tragic attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. While those accountable for these terrible crimes must be brought to justice, this should be accomplished through international law, not the waging of war which will result in the deaths and displacement of thousands of more innocent people. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and Afghan women and children already comprise one of the largest refugee populations. A military. assault on the country will not reduce the threat of more violent attacks on the U.S., but it will increase human suffering.

At home, the U.S. government is using the attacks as a rationale for the increased militarization of society and the curtailment of civil liberties. While the rights of immigrants are most immediately under threat, the extension of police powers will ultimately affect all citizens, seriously eroding democratic freedoms. The channeling of more and more resources to the military and intelligence services will harm already under-funded public services such as health and education. Militarization will also heighten racism and xenophobia, as already evidenced in the brutal assaults on Arab-Americans and South Asians.

Abroad, U.S. militarism will only escalate tensions and bring the world closer to the brink of another major war. Unjustifiable as they are, the attacks on symbols of U.S. power should alert us to the profound failures of U.S. foreign policy, particularly U.S. financial and military support to repressive regimes in the Middle East that violate the basic human rights of their citizens. Until the rights of the Palestinian people are assured, there will be no real peace in the region.

CWPE would like to join with other feminist and social justice groups in rebuilding a strong and effective movement for peace and justice in the U.S., dedicated not only to stopping the war machine but to addressing the roots of violence and inequality in all their forms, everywhere.