What You Need to Know about Your Birth Control


The What You Need to Know about Your Birth Control Campaign Initiative contains four projects which are designed to critically examine contemporary reproductive practices and challenge discriminatory population control ideologies. They are:

1) What You Need to Know about Your Birth Control Booklet: In opposition to profit driven contraceptive advertising, the booklet critically examines popular modern contraceptive methods, adequately weighing the health risks and benefits.

2) Self Assessment Surveys: The self assessment survey is designed to collect quantitative and qualitative data regarding the contraceptive method(s) individuals are choosing to use. This will be a tool used to accurately measure which communities are being targeted for specific types of contraceptives and to document experiences and knowledge base of different contraceptive methods.

3) Depo Diaries National Storytelling Project: This project uses personal narratives to explore the physical and emotional experiences of women while using the hormonal contraceptive Depo Provera.

4) Voices against Coercive Reproductive Practices: Using public education and media to document coercive reproductive practices including: sterilization abuse, high risk contraceptivese, and population control policies, from the experiences of women globally.

The What You Need to Know about Your Birth Control Campaign Initiative has its own specific mission, vision, values and goals:

To promote health and justice in our communities

A world that embraces our human right to have safe and voluntary sex, birth control, abortion, and motherhood as we define it.

Building Collective Leadership
Honoring Our Voices
Standing Up for Our Lives
Multimedia (Public) Education

Capture our experiences of coercive reproductive practices
Understand the effects of contraceptives on our bodies and lives
Build leadership and knokwledge
Promote systemic change

Please contact us for organizing and designing critical dialogues, trainings and actions against coercive reproductive tactics.

Send an email to powerofstories@cwpe.org to learn more about using storytelling as a tool for liberatory practices against violence and population control .

If interested in telling your story of how depo provera may have impacted your body or life, please go to http://www.cwpe.org/initiatives/depodiaries Or write your testimony to: depodiaries@cwpe.org

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