Support CWPE Initiatives


Do you support the following political goals?
  • Ensure true reproductive justice, self determination and human rights for all women.
  • Pursue environmental justice policies based on anti-racist values that focus on curbing corporate, industrialized western waste, and environmental degradation.
  • Resist biotechnology-based eugenics including sex selection and challenging the medical industrial complex on their ethics of testing on our bodies.
  • Stop all policies targeting poor women, women of color, young women, and women with disabilities for forced and coerced sterilization.
  • Support progressive immigration policies that prioritize economic justice for poor people everywhere.
  • Build a strong, comprehensive challenge to the U.S. military industrial complex.

If so, we need your help!

CWPE currently coordinates the following three initiatives. Join us now!

Help us collect the stories of women with experience using Depo Provera.

Build grassroots resistance to sterilization abuse.

Challenge the frightening trend of fetal sex selection.

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