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PARTNER WITH CWPE at Adelphi University!
CWPE at Adelphi University calls all community organizers, health practitioners, scholar-activists, and all interested activists to join us in our work! Transforming the way we talk about reproductive justice, environmental justice, population control, and biotechnology requires solidarity from people working from many different perspectives. Register and join our mailing list (by selecting "my newsletters" on your profile page) and let us know which issues you’re interested in finding out more about.

As a partner with CWPE at Adelphi University, you’ll receive:
  • Upcoming CWPE events and new publications

  • Updates on the latest news about what’s happening in the issue areas CWPE works on

  • Access to critical educational materials such as curricula, posters, and stickers

  • Cross-training with CWPE and other partners to increase the capacity of movement building

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