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Adelphi University hosts the Committee on Women, Population, & the Environment (CWPE), a multi-racial alliance of feminist community organizers, scholarly activists, and health practitioners committed to promoting the social and economic empowerment of women in a context of global peace and justice; and to eliminating poverty.

We envision the social and economic empowerment of women in a context of global peace and justice and look to a world where human rights are valued above profit-driven consumerism. This world we envision is free of poverty, white supremacy, militarism, religious chauvinism, patriarchy and other oppressive systems that threaten our health, environment and global well-being.

  • Support women’s right to safe, voluntary birth control and abortion, while strongly opposing demographically driven population policies.
  • Challenge the belief that population growth is the primary cause of environmental degradation, conflict, and growing poverty.
  • Work to provide a broader analysis that reflects the complexity of these issues and locates the true causes in a global economic system based on exploitation, profit, and consumerism, the structures of patriarchy and racism that underlie it, and the militarism that enforces and perpetuates it.
By focusing on emerging political issues and alliances, we work to expose the human rights violations that follow from population-based analyses—such as welfare "reform" and immigration control in the North, and increasing population control in the South—and to get political attention and grassroots action on these subjects.

CWPE builds partnerships with community organizers, scholar-activists, and health practitioners to accomplish our political goals.

CWPE coordinates three task forces— the vehicles through which CWPE builds strong coalitions to challenge oppressive population control policies.

CWPE Task Forces
Dangerous Contraceptive Task Force
Immigration, Environment, and Gender Task Force
Gender, Eugenics, and Biotechnology Task Force

CWPE also coordinates three critical intiatives designed to undermine reproductive violence and increase reproductive self-determination.

CWPE Initiatives

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Contact Email:
info@cwpe.us or darling@adelphi.edu

Dr. Marsha J. Tyson-Darling Professor, History & Interdisciplinary Studies
Director, Ctr for African, Black & Caribbean Studies

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